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Artikelnummer: GZHA-MINIFOUR-24

GZHA mini-amplifiers are representign latest D-class technology that is also used in OEM-amplifiers. Main difference to traditional D-class is much better sound quality throughout whole bandwith. It is impossible to say in a blind test that are you listening to good AB-class amp or GZHA mini-amplifier. 24V amplifier is the best solution to trucks. Thanks to double voltage, only half of the current is needed. You can use smaller power and ground cables. And you do not need voltage regulators that drain your power.

- High efficient class D mini amplifier to 24V systems
- Extreme compact size
- 2 Ohm stable stereo
- High-level input with Auto-On
- Adjustable wide-range filters
- Adjustable input sensitivity
- Thermal / short circuit / overload protection

Output Power @ 2 Ohm (CEA*) 4 x 130 W

Lowpass 40 Hz – 4000 Hz
Highpass 10 Hz – 500 Hz
Bandpass 10 Hz – 4000 Hz

Dimensions: 13,5 x 21 x 5,2 cm