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Artikelnummer: GZRC-165AL-IV

Ground Zero Radioactive separate systems are Klippel-optimized for best possible performance. Woofers have light and rigid aluminium cones and rubber surrounds. Their parameters are optimized to door installation. This means that you get very good bass response from door locations with these drivers. Tweeters have neat housings with soft touch finish. These you can use to install tweeters on the dash, a-pillars or mirror triangles. Very easy to install and aim to desired point for perfect staging. Crossovers are split in two different housings per side instead of regular one. This makes it a lot easier to install midbass to door and tweeter to a-pillar or dash. You no longer have to run new cables from the crossover to both midbass and tweeter, since both have their own crossover units.

- High quality 2 way component system
- Klippel® optimized midwoofer with aluminum cone
- Nomex spider
- Copper cap for impedance linearizing
- Resonance free steel basket
- 1″ titanium dome tweeter with slant tweeter housing
- Separated tweeter and midwoofer 12dB crossovers for easy install

Diameter of midwoofer or midrange : 165 mm / 6.5″
Mounting diameter of midwoofer or midrange: 142.5 mm / 5.61″
Mounting depth of midwoofer or midrange: 68 mm / 2.68″
Voice coil of midwoofer or midrange: 25 mm / 1″
Cone of midwoofer or midrange: Aluminum
Dustcap / Phaseplug of midwoofer or midrange: Aluminum
Basket of midwoofer or midrange: Euro-Din steel GZ basket
Magnet of midwoofer or midrange: Ferrit
Diameter of tweeter49.5 mm / 1.95″
Mounting diameter of tweeter: 44 mm / 1.95″
Mounting depth of tweeter: 10 mm / 0.39″
Voice coil of tweeter: 25 mm / 1″
Cone of tweeter: Titanium
Housing of tweeter: Machined aluminum
Magnet of tweeter: Neodymium
Power handling : WRMS120
Power handling : W peak190
Impedance: 3 Ohm
SPL: 89 dB (Mid) / 92 dB (Tw)
Frequency response: 35 Hz - 4 kHz (Mid) / 3 - 26 kHz (Tw)