DD Audio VO-B1a

1 100 kr

Artikelnummer: DD-VO-B1a

The B1a has the efficiency and output of a classic bullet tweeter with modern updates making it look and perform better than ever. The titanium diaphragm is driven with a high energy neodymium motor resulting in more output with less weight. The neo motor also allows for a more compact design that’s easier to install. A mesh grill and red anodized heat sink give the B1a a high end aesthetic with added diaphragm protection and improved voice coil heat dissipation, and a wide dispersion horn flare allows sound to fully develop sooner than standard pa bullet designs making it better suited for near field mobile applications.

Driver Size - 25mm
Power Band - Watts 50-100w
Impedance 4ohm
Frequency Response - 3.5k-22khz
dBSPL 104
Mounting diameter 59mm
Mounting Depth - 38mm