STP Camo Gold

990 kr

Artikelnummer: STP-CAMO-GOLD

STP Aluminium / butyl dämpmatta 2.3mm - 4.5m2


StP Camo Gold is very flexible multi-layered vibration damping material. StP Gold is used on complex surfaces while providing the maximum vibration damping. This material is corrosion-proof and water-proof preventing any water and oxygen from coming in contact with chassis.

Areas for application:

Doors, Roof, Boot lid, Dashboard, Bonnet lid.

Technical specifications:

- Mechanical loss factor: more than 0.35

- Thickness: 2.3 мм

- Foil thickness: 100 micron

- Weight: 4 kg / m²

- Flammability: 100 millimeters / minute

- Working temperature range: -45°C to +80°C

- Water resistance: does not absorb moisture